The Center for Business Acceleration Apprenticeship Program facilitates the employment of persons that have significant disabilities. Working with employers nationwide our 24-month Apprenticeship Program provides workplace supports and/or accommodations for successful completion of the following credential certifications:

The Apprenticeship Program is a registered national program with the Department of Labor including both academic education and On-the-Job Learning (OJL) components and approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. As registered and approved program the apprenticeship participation provides benefits to both the Employer and the Apprentice.

Apprentices start working from day one with an incremental wage increase as they become more proficient on the job.

Business Management

Business Management Professional™

Occupational Health & Safety Management Professional™

Quality Management

Quality Management Professional™

Risk Management Professional™

Upon completion of the Center for Business Acceleration Apprenticeship Program, participants will receive an industry-issued, nationally recognized credential that certifies occupational proficiency, that can provide a pathway to a better future.

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