Administrative Service Manager

Maintaining the speed and efficiency behind administrative services is important in any organization. Supportive tasks are what allow mail to be delivered promptly, records to be maintained properly and staff appropriately accommodated. Administrative service managers ensure the organization has the infrastructure, resources and staff needed to maintain productivity. Administrative service managers are the oil needed to keep the machine running as efficiently as possible. 

Job Details

To be productive, an organization must run smoothly. An administrative services manager is the person who makes sure this happens by coordinating its supportive services. An administrative services manager oversees the administrative services of an organization. This may include overseeing administrative staff and coordinating mail distribution, recordkeeping, and monitoring facilities.


An Administrative Service Manager's job tasks include:

  • Coordinating mail distribution
  • Maintaining facilities
  • Recordkeeping
  • Departmental budget planning
  • Allocating supplies
Work Activities

Managers of administrative services may investigate energy consumption patterns, technology usage, and office equipment. For example, they may recommend purchasing new or different equipment or supplies in order to reduce energy costs or improve indoor air quality. Administrative services managers also plan for equipment maintenance and replacement, such as computers. A timely replacement of equipment can help the organization save money because the cost of upgrading and maintaining equipment eventually exceeds the cost of purchasing new equipment.

An Administrative Service Manager's job work activities include:

  • Participating in long-range planning and the development of departmental and divisional goals, strategic plans, and objectives
  • Overseeing staff development, training programs, policy development, and special projects
  • Assisting senior leaders and participating and/or leading small administrative projects
  • Creating, maintaining, and overseeing the coordination and documentation of training programs for employees
  • Analyzing contract-related documents to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines
  • Representing the organization at meetings for conferences
  • Drafting and editing communications for the executive team
Curriculum Description

Administrative services managers plan, direct, and coordinate an organization's supportive services. Administrative service managers' specific responsibilities vary, but they typically maintain facilities and supervise activities such as recordkeeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep. In a small business, they may direct all support services and be referred to as the business office manager. Large organizations may have multiple layers of administrative managers specializing in various areas. 

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