The Importance of Supply Chain Management


A well-developed supply chain is a vital component of any business. Supply chain management defines a system that involves the creation, production, and delivery of products and services to customers. A supply chain deals with raw components or supplies that the business needs to create a product or service. Business owners need parts, components, tools and equipment to aid in product development or services offered to customers. Without these resources, your business could not function. 

 Supply Chain Basics 

The Importance of Supplier Management


Alone, the concept of supplier management is not necessarily complicated. However, if business leaders are unsure of what should make up a supplier agreement, or how to approach choosing a supplier, supplier management can quickly become complex. This is especially true when one vendor has a particularly large impact on the success of your business. 

The Difference Between Employer - Only and Employee - Only Plan Contributions


Undoubtedly, the world of employee benefits is ridden with jargon. One of the biggest obstacles when choosing an employee benefits package is having to understand the differences between employer-only and employee-only plan contributions. To help you make your decision, this post will expose the differences between employer-only and employee-only plan contributions. 

 Employer-Only Plan Contributions 

CBA Gets ANSI Accreditation

The Center for Business Acceleration (CBA) has officially become the first internationally recognized ANSI accredited program for Disabled Veterans. This opens up a whole new chapter for the disabled Veterans who have decided to pursue self-employment careers and professional skills.