Whether you’re an executive, business owner or employee – you’re a busy person. You need fast access to the best courses to accelerate your journey on the road to success.

The Center for Business Acceleration (CBA) is non-profit institution of higher learning. We’ve designed high quality, multiple curriculum options so you can select the learning program that’s just right for you.

Our programs are internationally recognized and ANSI-Accredited, so quality and competency are a guarantee. We also offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to keep you on top of the game in your field or to help you expand your expertise in related areas.

From business administration to management or entrepreneurship, the CBA provides you with a practical application-based approach to learning – from anywhere at any time and at your own pace. CBA gives you access to knowledge you can use in the real world to advance your career – and life.

The CBA network offers business professionals, entrepreneurs and employees curriculum designed exclusively for the working professional


A modular learning methodology for business and professional education. Learn at your own pace from anywhere at any time while expanding your skill set. Course topics include leadership, management, sales, quality, proficiency and more.


Courselets™ are designed to immerse you in a particular business topic that is vital to achieving success. Broaden your skill set and business expertise to become an invaluable asset to any company or organization.


The EnhanceBench curriculum offers a series of advanced courses, techniques, and assignments that lead towards obtaining a Quality Management Professional Certificate. The educational materials are based on the standards and objectives outlined by ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO/IEC... see more details



The IntelBench Curriculum provides the interested student who desires to become a Risk Management Professional an advanced series of Risk study based on the ISO 31000 Risk management standard and the US Government NIST Risk Management Framework. The curriculum is designed to give you all... see more details



The FacilitationBench Curriculum is designed to give you the materials, tools, and resources you need to successfully manage interactions within an organization. Facilitation skills are necessary to work with youth groups, business teams, leaders, vendors, and stakeholders. You will learn to... see more details



SalesBench is the “manual” for sales professionals who wish to learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales for their business. You will learn how to make a profit that can be invested into necessary functions, which is crucial for any business, especially a new one. After mastering the basics... see more details


Are you an executive or business professional willing to share your expertise in different areas of business with others?

Our VA Accelerator is designed to assist Veterans with business administration, management and entrepreneurship. We welcome business experts to share their valuable knowledge with Veterans.

It’s an opportunity for you to give back to those who have given so much for our country

Just a few of the opportunities for teaching and mentoring for business and management fundamentals include:

Webinar Leader