Home Health & Personal Care Aids

The future of healthcare is personalized and on demand. With the help of a Home Health & Personal Care Aid, healthcare can come to the those with disabilities, chronic illness or cognitive impairment. A Home Health & Personal Care Aid is trained to assist clients in daily personal tasks, medication administration, and other health-related services. With the help provided at home, those in need can live longer, more fulfilling lives. 

    Job Details

    Home Health & Personal Care Aids assist the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities at the person’s home or in a care facility. They also provide routine individualized healthcare such as changing bandages and dressing wounds, and applying topical medications. Home health aides do not provide services such as physical and occupational therapy or skilled nursing care. But they often are tasked with observing the care recipient's physical and mental health, and reporting on conditions to a registered nurse or other health care professional.


    Home Health and Personal Care Aids' job tasks include:

    • Administering prescription and over-the-counter medications.
    • Taking the patient’s vital signs and recording them.
    • Collecting samples for testing.
    • Educating the patient on proper nutrition.
    • Helping the patient prepare meals.
    Work Activities

    Work Activities summarize the kinds of tasks that may be performed across multiple occupations. Work activities are an aggregation of similar job tasks or behaviors for the accomplishment of major work functions. 


    Home Health and Personal Care Aids' job work activities include:

    • Assisting the patient by going with them to doctor’s visits, shopping, and other errands.
    • Spending time with the patient for various activities, such as going to the park, reading, talking, or playing games.
    • Assisting the patient with exercises.
    • Providing basic personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.
    • Performing light housekeeping duties.
    • Replacing sterile dressings and monitoring wound healing.
    • Assisting the patient in an out of bed and/or transferring to or from a wheelchair.
    • Helping the patient do laundry.
    • Keeping accurate records of home visits, including travel time, time with the patient, and what services were performed during the visit.