Are you a Disabled Veteran interested in launching a start-up company or need help growing an existing business? You already have the core skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur

Let Us Help You Make It a Reality

The military culture creates leaders well-suited for entrepreneurship. In fact, studies show Veterans are at least 45% more likely to be self-employed than those with no active-duty military experience.


The StartupBench Curriculum offers Veterans who wish to start a new business all the important information in one place, allowing them to prepare for their entrepreneurial venture in a complete and structured way. This curriculum’s courselets cover everything from business roles and startup options to choosing the product or service they want to offer. After completing this curriculum, future entrepreneurs will fully understand the commitment they are undertaking, and they will be ready to pursue their business ideas.


The Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to provide entrepreneurial support in readying their business through a comprehensive plan in which they can set a solid foundation for operating procedures.

The courselets and labs cover each section of the business plan in detail, including background information on specific topics that need to be included in each section. By the time students finish the curriculum, they will have a complete business plan with which they can apply for funding, grants, equipment purchases, and other investments.


The Marketing Accelerator curriculum is the “starter manual” for entrepreneurs who wish to learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales for their business. Realizing a profit which can be invested into necessary functions is crucial for a new business and being profitable requires a great marketing and sales strategy. This curriculum covers marketing strategy, a wide range of selling techniques and strategies, and other important aspects of the capture process.