Privacy Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

VA Acceleration Program

This document details the cancellation and refund policies, which govern any and all programs offered within the Center for Business Acceleration. Since students do not enroll on a traditional semester basis and do not have strict attendance policies, students enrolled in these programs have the unique opportunity to work at their own pace and set their own schedule. The following policies reflect the individualized and non-traditional nature of the courses.


Once a student finishes enrolling, he or she will have immediate access to all program materials. Students can complete course materials at any time and in any order before his or her program terminates. Any student who wishes to cancel their program must submit a cancellation request within the first 96 hours of signing the enrollment agreement; due to the immediate access students receive.

If no cancellation request is received within 96 hours of enrollment, or if the cancellation is not granted, students then have 180-360 days to complete all requirements for the VA Accelerator program.

Requesting Cancellation

Any and all cancellations are submitted via the support page, located under the heading, “Support,” on the Center for Business Acceleration’s website. Once on this webpage, the student filing for request completes the following steps:

  • Fill out all requested information regarding identification.
  • Choose “Account Request” under the “Support Type” drop down menu.
  • In the textbox provided, state your request for cancellation.
  • List all reasons for cancellation and be sure to be as specific and brief as possible within the allotted textbox space
  • Click “Submit Ticket.”


The Center for Business Acceleration asks our students to submit cancellation requests exclusively via the support page in order to track for quality assurance. Everything within this support page receives a stamp recording the time and date of submission. This stamp ensures that all requests are processed and filed within a timely manner, and allows for a more accurate review process.


Request Review

Once the student has submitted his or her cancellation request via the support page, administrative personnel will review the request. Administrative personnel determine cancellation eligibility based off of student’s time enrolled in the program and the cancellation request timestamp. If administrative personnel find that the student submitting the cancellation request has frequently cancelled courses with the Center for Business Acceleration in the past, the request may not be granted.

When a cancellation request has been fully reviewed by administrative personnel, the student will receive a notification within two business days. If no notification is received within two business days, the student should submit an inquiry on the Support page. After notification has been received, the student will be informed about refund options. (See “Refunds” below.)


Refunds will be awarded to those students whose cancellations are approved by administrative staff. Student’s who have frequently cancelled courses in the past may not eligible to receive refunds.


Upon registration, students receive immediate access to any and all materials within the course. Due to our program’s accessibility, refunds will only be awarded to individuals who submit a cancellation request within 96 hours of enrollment.


If a student cancels within the VA Accelerator Program, his or her VR&E case manager will be notified and payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs will cease.

Special Considerations:

Locking Curricula

If student is experiencing any extenuating circumstance that prevents him or her from continuing in the course once enrolled, special consideration will be given during cancellation review. This can include a scenario where administrative personnel and the student agree on a set period of time for course material to be “locked.” “Locking” course material would effectively pause the student’s countdown clock so that the student may attend to these extenuating circumstances without losing time within the course. Once the “locking” period is up, the countdown clock will resume. Due to the programs’ brief duration, administrative staff will determine if the student is eligible to have their curriculum “locked” on a case-by-case basis.

Course Extensions

Special consideration will be given to students whose countdown clocks have run out but did not complete all course requirements. For the VA Accelerator, extensions will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on consultations with the student’s VR&E case manager.

Record Maintenance

All cancellation requests submitted will be maintained and kept on file to enhance Center for Business Acceleration’s improvement and progression. These electronic files are not shared with third parties and are protected by the Quality Management System. This system allows Center for Business Acceleration to also track and flag those students who may frequently cancel their enrolled courses.