Terms of Use

Enrollment Agreement
VA Accelerator Program

This enrollment agreement is a contract between the Center for Business Acceleration and all students enrolled in the VA Accelerator program. The following agreement details the duties that both parties must meet. The responsibilities are delineated between the two parties to reflect the nature of these distance education programs. The Tuition and Cancellation policies are included in order to create a mutual understanding, and so that the student can participate in the program. By checking the box next to “I have read and I accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Enrollment Agreement,” the student acknowledges that the institution has provided this agreement.

Program Information.

The VA Accelerator program’s courses are designed for veterans wishing to further their education and/or entrepreneurial business skills. All courses are distance education programs and are completed entirely through online access. This distance education awards students post-secondary education credits and certificates of completion. These programs have an open enrollment policy where students may enroll individually at any time. In this non-traditional classroom setting, students are involved in self-study where they set their own pace and schedule. The CBA retains complete authority over decisions related to certification completion.


All students enrolled in the VA Accelerator program are required to complete StartUp Bench 1.0 prior to beginning any other courses. Once StartUp Bench 1.0 is completed, the student may the rest of the track courses in any order. The CBA does not accept any transfer credits from any outside institution due to the specific nature of our offered courses. 

Program Track Changes

Any student wishing to change their program track must do so by contacting the Support Page within 72 hours of enrollment. Any changes the student wishes to make passed 72 hours may not be considered. The Support Page is located at centerforbusinessacceleration.com/ContactUs.aspx. Follow all directions listed on the page and include a brief description of the desired change. Track Changes will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and any possible transfer credits will be determined solely by CBA administration. 

Tuition Policy

Veterans enrolling in the VA Accelerator program must be approved by their Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) case manager. Veterans are eligible for this program if they meet the requirements set forth within Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 31. Through our partnership with the VR&E and the department of Veteran Affairs (VA) students in this program will have waived tuition. See the Cancellation and Refund Policies below for information regarding cancellations and program withdrawals.’

Cancellation Policy

Once a student finishes enrolling, he or she will have immediate access to all program materials. Students can complete course materials at any time and in any order before his or her program terminates. Any student who wishes to cancel their program must submit a cancellation request within the first 96 hours of signing the enrollment agreement; due to the immediate access students receive.

If no cancellation request is received within 96 hours of enrollment, or if the cancellation is not granted, students then have 180-360 days to complete all requirements for the VA Accelerator program.

Requesting Cancellation

Any and all cancellations are submitted via the support page, located under the heading, “Support,” on the Center for Business Acceleration’s website. Once on this webpage, the student filing for cancellation should fill out all requested information.

The Center for Business Acceleration asks our students to submit cancellation requests exclusively via the support page in order to track for quality assurance. Everything within this support page receives a stamp recording the time and date of submission. This stamp ensures that all requests are processed and filed within a timely manner, and allows for a more accurate review process.

Request Review 

Once the student has submitted his or her cancellation request via the support page, administrative personnel will review the request. Administrative personnel determine cancellation eligibility based off of student’s time enrolled in the program and the cancellation request timestamp. If administrative personnel find that the student submitting the cancellation request has frequently cancelled courses with the Center for Business Acceleration in the past, the request may not be granted. 

When a cancellation request has been fully reviewed by administrative personnel, the student will receive a notification within two business days. If no notification is received within two business days, the student should submit an inquiry on the Support page. After notification has been received, the student will be informed about refund options. (See “Refunds” below.)

Refund Policy

Refunds will be awarded to those students whose cancellations are approved by administrative staff. Student’s who have frequently cancelled courses in the past may not eligible to receive refunds. 


Upon registration, students receive immediate access to any and all materials within the course. Due to our program’s accessibility, refunds will only be awarded to individuals who submit a cancellation request within 96 hours of enrollment. 


If a student cancels within the VA Accelerator Program, his or her VR&E case manager will be notified and payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs will cease.

For further information regarding special considerations and record maintenance of cancellation requests, please refer to the “Cancellation and Refund Policy: VA Accelerator” document found on ___.com

Technology Requirements

All students must have reliable Internet connections, word processing capabilities, and an up-to-date Adobe Flash Player in order to fully participate in the program and complete requirements successfully.

Obligations of the Institution

1.    About Giving constantly strives to provide world-class sales, management, marketing, and leadership programs at fair and reasonable costs.

2.    About Giving upholds the cancellation and tuition policies as stated above.

3.    About Giving maintains all educational and instructional materials for quality and usability, including the technological aspects of the program.

4.    About Giving treats each student fairly and impartially, regardless of any affiliation, race, religion, creed, ethnicity or gender. 

Student Acknowledgements

I have read and reviewed this document upon registration and understand that further program information is available on the CBA website, www.centerforbusinessacceleration.com. 

Additionally, I understand the following:

1.    That my enrollment is subject to review and possible termination if I fail to complete the required course material within three attempts. I also understand that any future continuation of the course will be reviewed and determined by my VR&E case manager.

2.    That this program does not provide employment upon completion, but does provide the tools necessary for future employment.

3.    That the credits and certificates obtained through this program are recognized as post-secondary education credits and may not be transferable to all institutions.

4.    That the courses must be completed within the time allotted by the Countdown Clock. This time will be dependent on the student’s specific program. Failure to complete the course within the set time frame may result in failure of the course. 

5.    That my participation and work completed within the course does not affect refund percentages, but instead refund percentages are based off the time since enrollment.

6.    Upon completion of the certification process, I may not make claims regarding the certification being outside the scope for which it has been granted.

7.    If I cancel my course enrollment, I will not make claims as to being a certified person. 

8.    I understand that I may not use the certification in such a manner as to discredit the CBA nor may I make any misleading or unauthorized statement regarding the certification. 

Non-Discrimination Policy

The CBA does not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, creed, social class, or any other defining characteristics. However, the VA Accelerator program only admits veterans who qualify through the VR&E’s Chapter 31 requirements in order to receive waived tuition.

Complaint Policies

The CBA strives to accommodate all students and their needs. For all students wishing to lodge a complaint about the enrollment agreement, enrollment process, or any other aspect of this program, please do not hesitate to file a formal complaint. For more information regarding this process, please see our “Complaint Policies and Procedures” document, found on our website.