Business Plan Feasibility Study: Existing Plan Assessment


The Business Plan Feasibility Study curriculum follows the VR&E business plan review guide, ensuring that the plan includes business location, costs, an appropriate financial statement, economic viability of the business, a cost analysis of VR&E equipment/training/funding requests, a market strategy, a business operational plan, a training schedule, and more


The Business Plan Feasibility Study curriculum is designed for students who have already written a business plan and require an assessment of its feasibility.


This curriculum begins with business plan submission, at which time the student will walk through a review of his or her own plan on the above points. Facilitators will work with the student to ensure that they fully understand their market and are able to operationalize their plan. At the end of the curriculum, the VA Accelerator will conduct an independent assessment (Feasibility Study) of the business plan, which will be submitted to the Veteran’s case manager.


The curriculum requires nine hours for student review of the plan and, if required, composition of a separate document for sources and uses of funding.


Upon completion of this curriculum, students will have a thorough understanding of the requirements for their business plan to be feasible by VA standards, according to the M28R and the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Business Plan Review Guide.


In addition, the case manager for each student will be provided with a completed third-party feasibility study on the submitted business plan. This feasibility study references the plan by page number, includes notes on each requirement, clearly indicates whether the plan meets VA standards, and offers an overall CBA score based on the plan’s completeness



Certificate Requisites

To fulfill the academic requirements of the curriculum, students must complete the course and satisfactorily complete all knowledge checks.

All knowledge checks are delivered in multiple-choice format, and are criterion-referenced and scored according to the best attempt. 

Certificate issuance

To be issued a certificate of completion, a student must complete all the academic requirements of the curriculum. 

Certificate maintenance and use

Each certificate has a unique serial number which is tracked by the CBA Education Administrator. Certificate is not transferable to another person or company. The certificate can only be used while it is valid. When certificate is invalidated for any reason, the person can no longer use the certificate.

Course Format

Can Start Anytime
Self-paced (within course enrollment timeframe)

Completion requirements

Study course materials
Pass all knowledge checks
Pass all lab assignments

Certificate of Completion

Student will receive Certificate of Completion
19 Hours of Continuing Education
Awarded upon successful completion of course