Communicate effectively towards outcome achievement. This course is designed to help solidify and improve presentation skills, which can be useful when presenting findings to business leaders and stakeholders.


Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Organize and prepare an effective and interesting presentation.
  • Use a variety of techniques to prepare for presentations.
  • Use proven methods of effective presentation.
  • Encourage and manage responses from the audience.
PDU's and CEU's

PDU: 0
CEU: 4

Time Restrictions

4 weeks


In today’s work environment, proficiency in business skills is necessary for success. To integrate into a new workplace environment or position, employees must identify basic business skills, acquire required competencies, and develop capabilities that enable quick and easy transitions. New employees pursuing professional job roles need foundational knowledge on traits associated with business success, steps for seamlessly entering a new workplace, and techniques for managing basic work duties. New employees aspiring to provide value in their workplaces need competencies in areas such as time management, professional writing standards, quality control processes, workplace ethics, and more if they are to provide value in their workplaces. Finally, in order to maintain professional roles in today’s fast-paced and interconnected environment, new employees must be prepared to function as part of a team and collaborate alongside established business professionals. 


This course has no prerequisites

Certificate requisites

Academic requirements: To fulfill the academic requirements of the curriculum, students must complete the course and satisfactorily complete all knowledge checks.

All knowledge checks are delivered in multiple-choice format, and are criterion-referenced and scored according to the best attempt. 

Certificate issuance

To be issued a certificate of completion, a student must complete all the academic requirements of the curriculum. 

Certificate maintenance and use

Each certificate has a unique serial number which is tracked by the CBA Education Administrator. Certificate is not transferable to another person or company. The certificate can only be used while it is valid. When certificate is invalidated for any reason, the person can no longer use the certificate.

Course Format

Can Start Anytime
Self-paced (within course enrollment timeframe)

Certificate of Completion

Student will receive Certificate of Completion
4 Hours of Continuing Education
Awarded upon successful completion of course

Technical Requirements

For optimal performance, we recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM and a quad-core processor such as Intel's Core i5 or i7 (8th generation or later), or AMD's Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 (2000 series or later). Your operating system should be capable of running the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox due to their superior WebRTC support. While Safari (10.x+), Internet Explorer (11.x+), and Microsoft Edge are compatible, Chrome and Firefox ensure better audio quality in low bandwidth conditions.

Information Regarding Changes to the Certificate Program

The Center for Business Acceleration will strive to deliver its course and curriculums in accordance with the descriptions provided on the CBA website at the time of enrollment. However, in some situations it might be beneficial or necessary for the CBA to implement changes to course or curriculums. The changes will not be very substantial so as to have impact on students who have already started their course or curriculum. In some circumstances where it is necessary for the CBA to implement such changes after enrollment due to developments in the relevant subject, advances in teaching or evaluation practice, or requirements of accreditation processes, students will be notified of the changes made to course or curriculum immediately.