Continuing Education Units


The EnhanceBench curriculum offers a series of advanced courses, techniques, and assignments that lead towards obtaining a Quality Management Professional Certificate. The educational materials are based on the standards and objectives outlined by ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO/IEC... see more details



The RiskBench Curriculum provides the interested student who desires to become a Risk Management Professional an advanced series of Risk study based on the ISO 31000 Risk management standard and the US Government NIST Risk Management Framework. The curriculum is designed to give you all the... see more details



The FacilitationBench Curriculum is designed to give you the materials, tools, and resources you need to successfully manage interactions within an organization. Facilitation skills are necessary to work with youth groups, business teams, leaders, vendors, and stakeholders. You will learn to... see more details



SalesBench 1.0 is your first step towards a Capture Management Professional Certificate. This curriculum is the starter “manual” for sales professionals who wish to learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales for their business. You will learn how to make a profit that can be invested into... see more details



LeadersBench 1.0 provides future business leaders with the right information and techniques to help theme excel in their job. This curriculum offers the basics of the process, as well as some advanced techniques and team building strategies. Altogether, it should help you prepare to be a good... see more details



ManagersBench 1.0 is a starter manual for every striving manager, and it’s the first step towards becoming a Business Management Professional. The curriculum introduces the main topics a manager needs to deal with, and techniques that will make their job easier. Upon satisfactory completion, you... see more details



The ProficiencyBench Curriculum is designed for the working professional. Students will acquire core business skills and obtain a Business Proficiency Certificate. We have prepared all the materials, tools, and resources needed to enable you to transition quickly and easily into any workplace... see more details


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