Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Services

a. Development and Submission of a Viable Business Plan

The Fast Track IWRP plan for self-employment must include an objective on the development and submission of a viable business plan. 
This objective must include the following: A referral to a provider who offers a course to help determine if self-employment is appropriate, such as Startup Bench 1.0 offered by the Center for Business Acceleration (CBA). When selecting a service provider, the VRC may consider any training facility or provider, such as CBA, that offers this type of course. 
The VRC should be aware that Veterans may receive subsistence allowance while participating in a course to help determine if self-employment is appropriate.


b. Training objectives may address any needed remedial training and/or general education coursework, as well as accounting, business management and/or economics coursework to provide insight into certain aspects of running a successful business.

Veterans who complete the READY, SET, and GROW phases of the VA Accelerator fully meet the requirements outlined above. 
The VA Accelerator utilizes a blended learning environment and keeps you, the VRC/Case Manager, up-to-date on the Veterans’ progress.