How to Prepare for Successful Negotiations


In business, proper planning will make sure you reach your profit goals. When you are negotiating with others, either in a group or with one person, the more you plan for the conversation, the better prepared you will be. Not only will you be able to express your needs, but you will also be able to address any concerns from the other side. Planning for a negotiation begins with an honest assessment of what you want versus what you need.

How to Identify a Problem Employee


In an ideal world, business owners and managers wouldn't have to contend with problem employees. Instead, one would hire the best candidates right off the bat, reap the benefits of their work performance, and reward them with salary increases and job promotions.

However, reality often presents a much different picture. Some employees develop problems in the workforce due to personal issues. Others lose their motivation over time. There are even employees struggling with a lack of resources, which may also affect their performance.

How to Get Your Employees Ready for Change


Your employees are the lifeblood of a successful change operation. Without their support and cooperation, little can be done. Additionally, if your employees are fearful or doubtful of the change, it can cause significant internal problems for the organization. Therefore, it's in the business leader's best interests to ensure that his or her team is always change-ready.  

Strategic Account Management

Productive Strategic Account Management can also indicate "Increased Business Potential and Revenues," "Over-the-Top Customer Satisfaction," and "Long-Standing Business Relationships." See for yourself:

Historically, providers have focused post-award sales efforts on what was needed to increase transactional business for the purposes of growing business with clients. For example, if a provider sold its client 1,000 widgets this year, then the provider would target 2,000 widget sales for that client next year. 

VA Accelerator program supports veteran farmer with new business


After 18 years of service working as a logistical coordinator for the United States National Guard, Desma Brooks suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq where she was responsible for production control of broken military equipment.

Forced into retirement, Brooks had no plans on what to do with her future. “It was really odd not having that day-to-day routine. It’s the same outfit and routine every day,” she said. “Coming out of the military, I had to figure out what to do with myself.”

Dawn Westmoreland Educates on Workplace Discrimination and Bullying


The VA Accelerator Program assists disabled veterans in establishing their own company or to grow their existing business. The program supported veteran Dawn Marie Westmoreland in transforming her background into her own company.

On top of a 20-year enlistment in the Air Force, Westmoreland studied subjects including business management, horticulture, and human resources.  Because of her experience, Westmoreland says she began to notice nepotism, the hiring of family and friends, in the office she worked for after retiring from the military.