For Veterans

Veterans can enroll in the VA Accelerator by utilizing VR&E Chapter 31 benefits.
To enroll let your VR&E case manager know you are interested in the VA Accelerator Program.

Contact your VR&E Case Manager at 800-827-1000


The StartupBench™ curriculum readies Veterans who wish to start a new business all the needed information in one place, allowing them to prepare for their entrepreneurial venture in a complete and structured way. This curriculum encompasses everything from business roles and startup options to the process of selecting a product or service to offer. After completing this curriculum, future entrepreneurs will fully understand the commitment they are undertaking, and they will be well prepared to pursue their business ideas.


The Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to set up each Veteran with the fundamental knowledge required for developing a comprehensive business plan, in accordance with M28R service manual and Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines, which sets a solid foundation for operating his or her business. This curriculum analyzes each section of the business plan in detail, including background information on specific topics to be included within each section. Upon completion of this curriculum, Veterans will have a complete business plan with which they can apply for funding, grants, equipment purchases, and other investments.


The Marketing Accelerator curriculum is in place for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their knowledge of marketing and sales for their business. New businesses must be capable of realizing a profit, which can be invested into necessary functions. However, a great marketing and sales strategy is required for new businesses to become profitable. This curriculum encompasses marketing strategy, a wide range of selling techniques, and other important aspects of the capture process.