For Veterans

Veterans can enroll in the VA Accelerator by utilizing VR&E Chapter 31 benefits.
To enroll let your VR&E case manager know you are interested in the VA Accelerator Program.

Contact your VR&E Case Manager at 800-827-1000


The READY courses, StartupBench 1.0, teach the roles and responsibilities of a business owner. It helps you develop your business based on a specific business model. It is ideal for the entrepreneur interested in launching a startup company.


The SET courses prepare you to open your own business. It enables you to develop a comprehensive business plan in courses such as the Business Accelerator, Business Plan Accelerator or Franchise Accelerator. Detailed business plans enable the entrepreneur to methodically launch a successful company and can also be used to secure funding from investors.


The GROW courses help you identify opportunities and develop a capabilities statement through the Independent ConTRACtor courses. Those Veterans with an established business who are interested in expanding their brand or improving business operations will benefit from The Business Accelerator Skills courses which deliver a comprehensive and self-steered advanced education in Advanced Marketing, Capture Management, Human Capital Management, Quality Management and other crucial business expansion topics.