Honor Code

Center for Business Acceleration Honor Code


  1. Introduction


            To ensure the utmost quality of the Center for Business Acceleration, it is imperative for the student to uphold the honor code in order to receive all of the benefits that our education provides. We believe that by doing this, the student is demonstrating they valuethe learning process. This honor code put forth by the center does not discriminate basedupon race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.


  1. Academic Dishonesty


  1. Plagiarism
    1. Definition: Plagiarism occurs when someone takes another person’s words, ideas, or original work, and misrepresents them as his or her own.
    2. Original Work: All work submitted or produced for the Center for Business Acceleration must be the student’s own original work unless stated otherwise.
    3. Citations: If a student chooses to include outside sources in their coursework, they must state so through the use of a citations. MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style should be used thoroughly and consistently to cite outside sources.
    4. Copyrights: Copyright laws govern a person’s original work; this can include, but is not limited to media, images, literary works, software, charts, or intellectual property. Students are required to respect these laws when utilizing non-original work.
  2. Assignments
    1. For all examinations taken within the Center for Business Acceleration, the students are expected to complete their own work without the use of outside help.
    2. In addition, students should complete labs without the assistance of previously completed labs authored by other students.
  3. Confidentiality
    1. All examinations and materials are considered confidential and students must respect the confidentiality of these sensitive materials. Therefore, all students are prohibited from sharing exam information or from participating in fraudulent test-taking practices.


  1.  Student Obligations


            To complete the process of student enrollment and to begin completing courses, students must watch the “Insert Video Title Here” and complete the short quiz that accompanies it and virtually sign their name. Upon completion of this module, the student hereby acknowledges and pledges to adhere by the standards set forth by this Honor Code.