Value Added Auditing:4th Edition
Greg Hutchins

Value Added Auditing – 4th Edition (550 pages) is a process and risk based manual for performance audits, risk management, ISO management system and risk based audits. 

The manual can be used to conduct performance, operational, IT, cyber, and supply management assessments. The objective of the manual is to enhance: 1. Risk-based, problem solving and 2. Risk-based, decision making. 

All ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 companies should read this book to understand and implement Risk Based Thinking (RBT) and Risk Based Auditing (RBA). 

Value Added Auditing is the first book that addresses the convergence of operational, quality, customer-supplier, internal, compliance and other types of audits. The future of audits will be to add overall stakeholder value.

Value Added Auditing brings to you the latest value added auditing technologies. As such, this manual describes a process for conducting practical, cost effective, risk based audits in many different functional areas. 

Value Added Auditing explains and shows you how value added auditing is conducted; in other words ‘how to do it.’ There is amazingly little information on the subject. Much of what exists is technical and often lists definitions and procedures from standards that are difficult to interpret and apply. So to remedy this problem, this guide to the actual practice of how value added auditing is used.

Value Added Auditing has a process emphasis. We’ve strived to take a process orientation, cutting across appraisal and auditing functions. Why? More businesses are run along core processes. Core process thinking permeates ‘value added auditing’.