LeadersBench 1.0

What is the difference between being a manager, and being a leader? The two are not the same, yet are frequently confused. LeadersBench 1.0 offers the advanced skills managers and employees will need in order to become effective leaders within the workplace. This curriculum begins to cover the more personal aspects of becoming a leader, and will help employees to blossom into the fulfillment of their natural leadership roles.


21.5 contact hour(s)
6 lab hour(s)

27.5 total hour(s)

1. Understand what it means to truly be a leader in the workplace regardless of position or job title

2. Assess, evaluate, and fulfill proper role in the workplace

3. Optimize time management, communication, goal setting and participation skills

4. Relate well to others within the workplace

5. Communicate to best effect in any situation

6. Learn techniques and practices of good leaders

7. Learn how to think strategically and critically, and to recognize patterns of behavior and process

27.5 PDU
2.75 CEU
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