ManagersBench 1.0

The position of manager is a delicately balanced and highly important position. Managers have the responsibility of relating to all levels of business organization – the stakeholders and upper management of the company, and the base-level employees. As a result, there are a multitude of necessary skills. Firstly, it is crucial that the manager understand how to maximize his or her own time, skill, and communication ability. Then, however, he or she will also need strategies and techniques for relating to others within the workplace. These techniques include, but are not limited to: setting and conveying effective goals, writing and communication skills for the workplace, managing meetings and presentations, and working through disagreements, decisions, and problems.


34 contact hour(s)
6 lab hour(s)

40 total hour(s)

1. Understand the skills and steps required to become an effective manager

2. Learn how to manage goals, projects and time effectively

3. Manage employees in a manner which increases workplace security, motivation and productivity

4. Make clear, informed decisions within the workplace

5. Communicate information and motivation well through all avenues: business writing, one-on-one conversation, meetings and presentations

40 PDU
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