SalesBench 2.0

Looking for new and effective ways to improve your sales strategy? Even after learning the basics of sales, and perhaps gaining some field experience, there are more finely-tuned strategies which can drastically increase your profit. SalesBench 2.0 offers a great selection of courses for the salesperson who has some experience, but who hopes to become thoroughly proficient in sales tactics. This curriculum is intended to help the entrepreneur to understand effective methods of lead generation, to form the most effective sales team possible, and to funnel customers into closing their orders. With this selection of courses, students can learn to stabilize and maximize their income.


14.5 contact hour(s)
6 lab hour(s)

20.5 total hour(s)

1. Work to best advantage with others – both within your company and without – in order to optimize sales

2. Understand and utilize the “funnel” strategy of sales

3. Learn how to predict sales and generate leads

4. Manage brand image, customer relationships, and accounts properly

20.5 PDU
2.05 CEU
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