SalesBench 1.0

SalesBench 1.0 covers every aspect of basic revenue increase by selling your business’ product or service. Foundational skills such as identifying a market and understanding your customers’ behavior start the curriculum’s course offerings out strong. These are followed by additional skills and techniques to help any salesperson understand exactly how to market him or herself, his or her business, and the product or service offered to their highest advantage. This curriculum offers expert advice on both the general aspects of sales, such as goal setting, and specifics such as how to write an effective proposal. Whether students wish to have an introduction to sales, or hope to round out their knowledge in new and effective ways, this is the curriculum to help.


35.5 contact hour(s)
4 lab hour(s)

39.5 total hour(s)

1. Understand customer behavior

2. Know what market patterns to look for and how to use them in marketing

3. Target and engage with an appropriate market for product or service

4. Price and present product or service to its best advantage

5. Learn the background of personal and business skills necessary for good sales strategy

39.5 PDU
3.95 CEU
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