EnhanceBench for Managers

EnhanceBench for Managers is designed to help business leaders understand the fundamental aspects of process improvement and the benefits it can bring to their organizations. Process improvement works by helping organizations define their current strategic goals (and understand their purpose) in order to increase their future effectiveness in meeting new goals and objectives. By increasing organization effectiveness, businesses can enjoy various benefits such as increasing revenue and reducing operational costs. With EnhanceBench for Managers, business leaders will be guided through the organizational progression of identifying, analyzing and improving existing processes. Drawing from a series of in-depth process improvement courselets, business leaders will be presented with the tools, education and resources they need to increase organizational productivity and effectiveness.


27.5 contact hour(s)
0 lab hour(s)

27.5 total hour(s)

1. Students will be able to identify and implement effective process improvement tactics.

2. Students will be able to use learned practices to increase organizational bottom lines.

3. Students will be able to educate their staff to increase overall productivity and output effectiveness.

27.5 PDU
2.75 CEU


100% Exams

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