Business SEO - Optimizing Your Web Content

Catchy, well-written, and effective copy is one of the most vital elements to the success of a company's website.  In the absence of a human presence, these words must reflect your company effectively as they are the only impression online customers will get before developing an opinion of your business.  

If your online writing is compelling, informative and interesting, then readers will more likely develop a positive view of your company's online brand and choose to patronize your business over the competition. However, if you want excellent website copy, be weary of a few mistakes that can undermine your efforts: 

Mistake One: Poor Grammar When developing copy, it is critical to be cautious. A few grammar mistakes here and there will make your online readers view your company as unprofessional, careless, or sloppy.  

 Mistake Two: Over Optimization One of the first mistakes that many search engine optimization copywriters make is that they focus too much on optimizing the copy and not enough on the impression the words give to website visitors. Be sure your copy reads fluidly to online readers. 

Mistake Three: Beating Around the Bush There's no denying that the online crowd is a highly fickle one.  If your writing doesn't give new viewers what they want the moment they want it, then they have no qualms about leaving your site to find it somewhere else.  For this reason, efficient communication of information online should be your company's ultimate goal. To ensure that you're giving your customers exactly what they're looking for, conduct research so that you can deliver it to them in a way that steers clear of the above mistakes. The following tips may be helpful in accomplishing this task:  

 Tap into the mindset of your customers at the time they arrive at your company's website.  Understand that they'll likely be asking themselves "Is this website the one that I need to satisfy my curiosity or solve my problem?"  

For example, if your website is about a nanny service, include hours, locations, and conditions in a prime area on your page so that viewers can quickly figure out whether your service is right for them.  Ideally, your content will immediately assure readers that they've found exactly the website or information they were looking for.    

 Make sure that your web content indicates that you're capable of solving reader problems.  If your readers are looking for a nanny service where a nanny goes to a single family home for nine-hours every weekday, your website should immediately answer whether or not the service you provide is right for them. 

On the opposite side of this point, it's important that online readers don't feel like they're sifting through a sales pitch in order to find basic information about your company.   When attempting to bring your company new business, offer your readers solid, interesting, and informative information (depending on your business's goals) for free.

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