About Alumni & Friends

CBA Executive Message

The Center for Business Acceleration has been dedicated, since its inception, to providing excellent education in business skills. Our range of offerings includes fundamentals of every step from starting a business to writing a business plan, leadership, management, marketing and sales, hiring, proficiency in employment, risk management, agility and more. We are proud to work with students in all positions, from all backgrounds. We operate under the firm belief that each of our students has the potential for business success. This belief is rooted in the people and businesses listed in the “Alumni and Friends” directory.

The listings on the “Alumni” page can be searched by last name or simply clicked through. Each one marks a graduate of the VA Accelerator program, who has incorporated those ideas and methodologies into their business operation. This “Alumni and Friends” page is one of our latest improvements, designed to tie our old students to our new, and to provide a database of successful businesses.  Any student who has completed curricula on the Center for Business Acceleration site is automatically enrolled in our alumni program.

The “Friends” page is for any person who is interested in becoming a part of the organization or supporting our students. You can become a ‘friend’ by contacting us ; and dedicating yourself as a benefactor for the Veteran community.